It is with deep regret that I must announce that I am no longer going to be breeding Coton De Tulear.

My life has been enriched by the time I have spent with my beloved little white shadows and I have known love beyond compare. I will be glad to recommend other wonderful, ethical breeders to those looking for the joy that only a Coton can bring into a home.

I am looking for only the most wonderful, approved, forever homes for my remaining Cotons. Please contact me for more information and/or fill out the application at the bottom of the puppy page on this site.


Welcome to Palmetto Cotons

The Coton de Tulear (pronounced co-tawn-day-two-lee-are) is an amazing rare breed of dog that originated over four centuries ago on the island of Madagascar. The Coton earned its name from the French word coton meaning “cotton”, and from the Madagascan port of Tulear. It has been said that a Coton de Tulear was presented to Malagasy royals as a gift. The Coton was decreed the “Royal Dog of Madagascar” and could only be owned by nobility. The breed was brought back to Europe in the 20th century making its debut in the United States in the 1970's.

Cotons are highly intelligent, and strikingly beautiful. They are known (and loved all over the world) for their gentle temperaments and charming personalities. The Coton De Tulear is a small dog with a BIG heart. He bonds strongly to his owners and will want to be with you every possible minute of the day. Cotons are very intelligent, eager to please, and easy to train. The Coton de Tulear has become widely known as the "anti-stress" dog because of its clown-like behavior, endearing personality and loyal attachment to its human companions. In France, the Coton is called "petite marionette" (little Puppet) due to its joyful and playful temperament. The Coton retains its puppy-like playfulness throughout its relatively long life, which averages over 15 years.

Cotons may be born solid white, white with fawn, tri color or white with black. It is truly fascinating to watch the Coton de Tulear color dilution gene at work. Some of the darkest coloring does tend to remain into adulthood, but most of it does fade to white as the puppy grows. Our lovely breed is known to have, expressive eyes that appear to be lined with black eye-liner. You will always find a twinkle in those eyes and a look of pure adoration when they see you enter a room.

There is no coat more beautiful to the eye and luxurious to the touch! A Coton’s mature coat can be 4 to 6 inches in length and requires grooming at least every other day. An active family may prefer to keep their Coton in a puppy-cut (shorter length) because of the added convenience and ease of bathing and grooming... Their coats are oil-free and do not give off a “doggie” odor, even when wet. With a non-shedding and non-dander coat, the Coton is an excellent choice for many (but not all) allergy sufferers.

These delightful little white dogs are devoted companions that will own your heart, warm your lap and become the center of attention in your family.

♥●•٠˙ Coton kisses to you! ˙٠•●♥

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